The Bridge at Old American Golf Club

Club History


This classic steel railroad bridge was constructed in 1900 by the Pencoyd Iron Works of Pencoyd, Pennsylvania. It bridged a fork of the Red River which connects Texas and Oklahoma. After more than 100 years of service to the railroad it was relocated to the Old American Golf Club by Matthews Southwest in 2010. This historic bridge now connects hole numbers two and three of the Old American golf course. It again stands majestically representing an era long past by and was created at the same time that the classic American golf courses were being designed. It is fitting that the bridge is now an integral part of a classic American design reminiscent of the same time period it was constructed.

Old American Barn

The Old American Barn was constructed in the 1920’s in Central Michigan. It served as an agricultural building used for hay storage for livestock and as a covered workplace. The barn was transported to Texas in sections on an 18-wheeler. Today, it has been reconstructed at Old American and is used as a functional cart barn.

Feather; Old American Logo

The feather, which is the logo for Old American Golf Club, comes from the Red Tail Hawk. Lake Lewisville and the pristine setting of Old American Golf Club provide a natural habitat for the Red Tail Hawk. Native Americans consider the feathers of this hawk sacred and the feathers are protected by law. The choice of this feather as our clubs logo adds to the unique feeling and historical background of Old American Golf Club. On any given day players will see these majestic hawks flying over the course around them.

Old American Golf Club Feather Logo


This authentic American Flag was used in the early 1900’s when courses designed by Tillinghast, MacKenzie and Donald Ross were considered classic American golf.  These courses provided the inspiration for Tripp Davis and Justin Leonard’s design of the Old American Golf Club.  The 48 star flag was the American symbol from 1912 through 1959 and flew proudly over the classic American golf courses of that era.

Today this historic flag welcomes all who spend time at the Old American restaurant. 
American Flag, Old American Golf Club

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