Golf Course at Old American Golf Club

Our Story

"One of the many things Justin Leonard and I have in common is a love for the early American golf courses the “classics” created during a period from about 1910 to about 1937 that was known as the “Golden Age of Golf Architecture”. It was a period when the greats of golf architecture, such as A.W. Tillinghast, Seth Raynor, Donald Ross, and Perry Maxwell crafted golf courses into the land with strategic interest and variety as their main objectives.

When presented with the opportunity to create a new and unique golf experience along the shoreline of Lake Lewisville, Justin and I immediately agreed that this was a great piece of ground to build a golf course that paid homage to the great early American designs we so loved. What resulted was a design process that took us all over the country, physically and mentally, to recall and study the details of courses like Shinnecock, National Golf Links, Maidstone, Pinehurst, and Prairie Dunes, eventually leading to an untold number of hours spent debating and brainstorming design ideas that would meld together to create a golf experience that would not only give players a visual sense of the courses from this era, but the ability to experience the strategic interest and variety that has often been lost in the modern era. To be true to the way in which the early American classics were created, Justin and I spent a great deal of time on site during construction to tweak, manipulate, alter to craft, every detail. Nothing was beyond debate, which occurred pretty often, and we are still looking for subtle ways we can adjust mowing patterns, mowing heights, and adjust the firmness of certain areas of the course to make it better still. Justin and I can only hope you enjoy your time here as much as we enjoyed creating it."

-Tripp Davis

"For as long as I have been able to play the game of golf over some of the best golf courses in the world, I have been in love with the early American golf courses. I have been fortunate to play tournament golf over courses such as Shinnecock Hills, Pebble Beach, Winged Foot, and Pinehurst, which has given me a very in-depth perspective of the strategic elements that make these courses great and a sense of how the strategic side of golf architecture was approached with these early American golf courses. In working with Tripp Davis, who has done a great deal of restoration work on these early American golf courses, and who has also played a good bit of amateur tournament golf on these courses himself, he and I were able to talk about how to create the overall strategic intent and execute the very subtle strategic details at the Old American. It was honor for me to share my insight in the design of a golf course we are all very proud of."

-Justin Leonard 


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