Carriage House

The Carriage House serves as our bar and grille, check-in location and social venue for golfers.

The Carriage House was popular in the early 1900's at about the same time golf was experiencing its first boom in the United States. The architecture of this boom era is the inspiration for the design of the Old American Golf Club. In keeping with this era, the Carriage House was originally designed to store horse drawn carriages and later motor driven cars.

Today, our Carriage House stores our modern GPS equipped cart fleet and serves as a staging area and welcome center for our members and guests. Old friends and new friends alike gather here to begin their unique golf experience. Our Carriage House also provides hospitality before and after a round of golf and following the play of our 10th hole. 

The Carriage House is not only a symbol of the past but also a reminder of the hospitality that awaits you when you visit Old American Golf Club.

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